The achievements of the EORTC Lymphoma Group

  title={The achievements of the EORTC Lymphoma Group},
  author={John M. M. Raemaekers and Hanneke C Kluin-Nelemans and Ivana Teodorovi{\'c} and C Meerwaldt and Evert M. Noordijk and Jose Jayan Thomas and M. van Glabbeke and Michel Henry-Amar and Patrice P Carde},
From 1964 onwards, the EORTC Lymphoma Group has conducted seven consecutive randomised phase 3 trials on early stage Hodgkin's lymphoma aiming at increasing efficacy, while decreasing short- and long-term toxicity. Staging laparotomy is definitely abandoned and replaced by identification of prognostic subgroups based on pretreatment clinical characteristics. Event-free and overall survival significantly improved from about 50 and then 70%, in the early years, to over 80 and then 90% more… CONTINUE READING

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