The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome

  title={The accessible chromatin landscape of the human genome},
  author={Robert E. Thurman and Eric Rynes and Richard Humbert and Jeff Vierstra and Matthew T. Maurano and Eric Haugen and Nathan C. Sheffield and Andrew B. Stergachis and Hao Wang and Benjamin Vernot and Kavita S Garg and Richard S. Sandstrom and Daniel Bates and Theresa K. Canfield and Morgan Diegel and Douglas S. Dunn and Abigail K. Ebersol and Tristan T. Frum and Erika E Giste and Lisa Harding and Audra K. Johnson and Ericka M. Johnson and Tanya Kutyavin and Bryan R. Lajoie and Bum-kyu Lee and Kristen N. Lee and D. London and Dimitra M. Lotakis and Shane J. Neph and Fidencio V. Neri and Eric N. D. Nguyen and Alex P. Reynolds and Vaughn Roach and Alexias Safi and M. Erika Navarro Sanchez and Amartya Sanyal and Anthony O Shafer and Jeremy M Simon and Lingyun Song and Shinny Vong and M. B. Weaver and Zhancheng Zhang and Zhuzhu Z. Zhang and Boris Lenhard and Muneesh Tewari and Michael Dorschner and R. Scott Hansen and P. Mohideen Askar Navas and G. Stamatoyannopoulos and Vishwanath R. Iyer and Jason D. Lieb and Shamil R. Sunyaev and Joshua M. Akey and Peter J. Sabo and Rajinder Kaul and Terrence S. Furey and Job Dekker and Gregory E. Crawford and John A. Stamatoyannopoulos},
DNase I hypersensitive sites (DHSs) are markers of regulatory DNA and have underpinned the discovery of all classes of cis-regulatory elements including enhancers, promoters, insulators, silencers and locus control regions. Here we present the first extensive map of human DHSs identified through genome-wide profiling in 125 diverse cell and tissue types. We identify ∼2.9 million DHSs that encompass virtually all known experimentally validated cis-regulatory sequences and expose a vast trove of… CONTINUE READING
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