The abuse of psychiatry in the USSR: 2 My five years in mental hospitals

  title={The abuse of psychiatry in the USSR: 2 My five years in mental hospitals},
  author={V B Faĭnberg},
  journal={Index on Censorship},
  pages={67 - 71}
  • V. Faĭnberg
  • Published 1 June 1975
  • Medicine
  • Index on Censorship

Beyond ideological platitudes: socialism and psychiatry in Eastern Europe

For both contemporaneous commentators and historians, psychiatry within what was Communist Europe has largely been discussed through the prism of politics and ideology. Recently, scholars have begun

Actors in a "Cheap Comedy": Dissidents in Soviet Psychiatric Hospitals, 1968-1974

Philip B. Kiffer: Actors in a " Cheap Comedy " : Dissidents in Soviet Psychiatric Institutions, 1968-1974 (Under the direction of Donald J. Raleigh) This paper examines the Soviet government's

Individual(s), individualism, and the world of chaos and order : a study of Tom Stoppard's works

“Individual, Individualism, and the World of Chaos and Order” — Taewoo Kim Stoppard’s works can be neatly grouped into a few distinctive stages which reflect the process and development not only of