The abundance of milk cathelicidin proteins during bovine mastitis.

  title={The abundance of milk cathelicidin proteins during bovine mastitis.},
  author={Grant A Smolenski and Robert J Wieliczko and Stephen M. Pryor and Marita K. Broadhurst and Thomas T. Wheeler and Brendan J. Haigh},
  journal={Veterinary immunology and immunopathology},
  volume={143 1-2},
Current on-farm methods for detecting mastitis in dairy cows have limitations with their specificity and sensitivity, particularly at an early stage of infection. There is therefore a need to explore new approaches for detecting early and subclinical mastitis. This study examined the expression of a group of neutrophil-specific proteins, the cathelicidins, in milk samples from naturally occurring as well as experimentally induced mastitis infections. Immunoblot analysis indicated that… CONTINUE READING