The a mating-type alleles of Ustilago maydis are idiomorphs.

  title={The a mating-type alleles of Ustilago maydis are idiomorphs.},
  author={Eunice H. Froeliger and Sally Ann Leong},
Two unlinked incompatibility loci, a and b, control mating, pathogenicity, and sexual development in Ustilago maydis, a fungal pathogen of corn. Fusion of nonpathogenic haploid cells occurs when alleles of the a locus differ; fusion products that differ at the b locus will be pathogenic and complete sexual development. The two alleles of the a locus have been cloned. The a2 allele was isolated by exploiting the close linkage of the a locus to the genetic marker pan1. Several cosmids from a… CONTINUE READING


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Annual review of genetics • 1997
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Plant-Microbe Interactions • 1996

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