The Zhuang Minority Peoples of the Sino-Vietnamese Frontier in the Song Period

  title={The Zhuang Minority Peoples of the Sino-Vietnamese Frontier in the Song Period},
  author={Jeffrey Barlow},
  journal={Journal of Southeast Asian Studies},
  pages={250 - 269}
  • J. Barlow
  • Published 1 September 1987
  • Geology
  • Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
The Zhuang of south China are the most numerous of the Chinese minority peoples. In Vietnam the Zhuang were identified historically as the Nung, and more recently as the combined Tay-Nung minority, the largest of Vietnam's 36 minority peoples. One of the most critical points in Zhuang history occurred in the Song era [960–1126 A.D.], when the expanding Han Chinese and the Vietnamese began to make a sustained impact in the Zhuang heartlands. Many Zhuang resisted foreign control, striving for… 

Presidential Address: “The Peoples of Asia”—Science and Politics in the Classification of Ethnic Groups in Thailand, China, and Vietnam

The “scientific” project of ethnic classification undertaken for political purposes in Vietnam beginning in 1958 was comparable directly (and not unrelated) to a similar project undertaken in China in the 1950s.

Geographic patterns of Zhuang (Tai) kinship terms in Guangxi and border areas: a GIS analysis of language and culture change

Historically-speaking, centuries of interactions between Han Chinese newcomers from the north of China and indigenous Tai-speaking ethnic minorities in the south have left deep, indelible traces in

Unique biological affinity of the hanging coffin people in ancient China based on craniometry of two skulls from Yunnan province

A higher density of evidence in terms of both temporal and geographical variation is needed for the understanding of the population history of East/Southeast Asia. We report here two skulls of the

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The Rise of Nan-Chao in Yunnan

The history of the state of Nan-chao ( nfr ?g ) is closely interwoven with episodes in the history of Northern South-East Asia. The writings of Pelliot1 and GH. Luce2 have shown the importance of

The Birth of Vietnam.

Vietnamese history prior to the tenth century has often been treated as a branch of Chinese history, but the Vietnamese side of the story can no longer be ignored. In this volume Keith Taylor draws

China's Minorities: Yesterday and Today . By Wolfram Eberhard. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth, 1982. xi, 176 pp. Maps, Bibliographical Notes, Select Bibliography, Index. $10.95 (paper).

  • J. Dreyer
  • Education
    The Journal of Asian Studies
  • 1984
This attractively produced paperback is designed primarily for students of ethnic studies and Chinese studies. Its subtitle notwithstanding, the emphasis is overwhelmingly on China's minorities of

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City of York, completes the survey of Yorkshire. It has the fullness, accuracy, and attention to detail that are expected of its author. Mr. Varley's volume forms an admirable little handbook to the

Vietnamese Tradition on Trial, 1920-1945

List of Abbreviations Preface Introduction 1. The Colonial Setting 2. Morality Instruction 3. Ethics and Politics 4. Language and Literacy 5. The Question of Women 6. Perceptions of the Past 7.

The consolidation of the South China frontier

東南 アジア大陸 部の山間 諸族と密接な 関係にある中国側(雲南,広西両省)の 辺境少數民 族を文献調査 し,さ らに新中 国の少数炎族政策に史的考察を与えたす ぐれた 業 績 で あ る。 著 者Moseleyは Virginia州,George Mason大 学に勤め る若い歴史 学 者で,そ のOxfod大 学へ 提出 した博士 論文を本書 として今回 出版 した。1966~67年