The Zariski-Lipman Conjecture in the Graded Case

  title={The Zariski-Lipman Conjecture in the Graded Case},
  • Published 2003
Let K be a field of characteristic 0, let R be a finitely generated reduced K-algebra, and let P be a prime ideal of R. The Zariski-Lipman conjecture asserts that if Der,(R, , Rp) (which may be identified with @er,(R, R))p) is R,-free, then R,, is regular. It is known that if Der,(R, , Rp) is R,-free, then Rp is a normal domain [SJ and in the case where either R is a hypersurface [7,8] or else R is a homogeneous complete intersection and P is the irrelevant ideal [6] (also, [4]) the conjecture… CONTINUE READING