The Youth of Early Modern Women

  title={The Youth of Early Modern Women},
  author={Elizabeth S. Cohen and Margaret Reeves},
sources to reveal that marriage, even childbirth, did not necessarily provide bright-line divisions between stages of youth for early modern women. “ Training for Adulthood ” examines, with mixed results, the training young women had to navigate in their transition from childhood to adulthood as they acquired moral and practical knowledge. Alessandra Franco ’ s “ Malleable Youth ” reveals the Catholic Church ’ s initiatives in responding to the Protestant Reformation even before Trent, as the… 

Girls and Sexuality in Seventeenth-Century Love Lyrics

Abstract:Why does the term "girl" in early modern discourse designate both female children and fallen women, emblems of sexual innocence and emblems of promiscuity? This article investigates girlish

Establishing the Social and Legal Categories for “Girls” and “Girl Children”

This article examines whether a clearer lexical and conceptual distinction between the various stages of development, from birth to adulthood, is required to better recognize and protect the needs of

Educating a princess: Elizabeth I's Commonplace book

Elizabeth I (1558-1603) received an exceptional humanist education in a time when female learning primarily meant moral and domestic training. Elizabeth’s instruction combined elements of both the

Sleep Etiquette and the Education of a Reluctant Gentlewoman in Seventeenth-Century England

ABSTRACT Mary Evelyn was an unusual early modern gentlewoman. She refused to wed and failed to perform the duties of a housewife. Yet her father’s greatest concern was not any of these habits, but