The Young Woman's Journal: Gender and Generations in a Mormon Women's Magazine

  title={The Young Woman's Journal: Gender and Generations in a Mormon Women's Magazine},
  author={Lisa Olsen Tait},
  journal={American Periodicals: A Journal of History \& Criticism},
  pages={51 - 71}
  • L. Tait
  • Published 30 March 2012
  • History
  • American Periodicals: A Journal of History & Criticism
In the spring of 1888, Susa Young Gates, thirty-two years old and serving with her husband and three young children as a Mormon missionary in Hawaii, began writing letters to friends and relatives in Utah, seeking support for her newly-focused literary ambitions.1 Gates, daughter of Brigham Young and a well-known writer in the Mormon community, had been contributing stories, sketches, and miscellany to Mormon and national publications for some time. In a discussion with her husband Jacob… 
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