The Young Turk Historical Imagination in the Pursuit of Mythical Turkishness and its Lost Grandeur (1911–1914)

  title={The Young Turk Historical Imagination in the Pursuit of Mythical Turkishness and its Lost Grandeur (1911–1914)},
  author={Umit Kurt and Doğan Gurpinar},
  journal={British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies},
  pages={560 - 574}
Abstract Based on a comprehensive reading of the 1912–1914 issues of the journal Turkish Homeland, the highbrow intellectualist periodical of the Turkist intellectuals and the ruling Committee of Union and Progress, this article argues that sublime Turkishness envisaged by the Young Turks can be construed as a character build-up. The article also examines how history was utilized as an arsenal from where the sublime ‘Turkish character’ was extracted in a decade in which interest towards Turkic… 

Heroes of the Imagined Communities, Soldiers, and the Military: The Case of Montenegro, the Ottoman Empire, and Serbia before the Balkan Wars (1912–13)

The article illustrates the policy of wielding the hero as a symbolic political and nationalizing instrument in the Montenegrin, Ottoman, and Serbian armies before the Balkan Wars. The heroic became

Haildé Edip and the Turkification of the Armenian Children at Antoura Orphanage: Identification of the Problem Field

The article presents and analyses the Turkish intellectual Halidé Edip and her role in the state policy of Turkification of Armenian children at the Antoura orphanage during the Armenian Genocide.

The New Religion-Based Work Ethic and Cultural Consumption Patterns of Religiously Conservative Groups in Turkey

This study discusses two religious elements of culture emerging within various religiously conservative groups in Turkey. The first is concerned with the building of a religious work ethic, framing


Bu calisma Ittihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti (ITC) tarafindan Adana-Mersin bolgesinde yasayan Tahtaci Alevileri hakkinda 1918 yilinda hazirlatilmis bir raporu cercevesinde ITC’nin Tahtaci Alevileri ile