The Yoruba from Prehistory to the Present

  title={The Yoruba from Prehistory to the Present},
  author={Aribidesi Adisa Usman and T{\'o}y{\`i}n F{\'a}lol{\'a}},
Cash Crops, Print Technologies and the Politicization of Ethnicity in Africa
What are the origins of the ethnic landscapes in contemporary states? Drawing on a preregistered research design, we test the influence of dual socioeconomic revolutions that spread throughout AfricaExpand
The uses of knowledge in global health
The problem of society is mainly one of rapid adaptation to changes in the particular circumstances of time and place, and the ultimate decisions must be left to the people who are familiar with these circumstances, who know directly of the relevant changes and of the resources immediately available to meet them. Expand
Who is afraid of the Gods? Rethinking escapism in Nigerian dramatic literature
  • O. G. Oluwasuji
  • Rainbow : Journal of Literature, Linguistics and Culture Studies
  • 2021
Escapism can mean different things to diverse sets of people in various fields of study. To some people, it can mean escape to reality, while some can denote it as an escape to entertainment orExpand


Ifa, Divination System of
Identity And The Artistic Process In Yoruba Esthetic Concept Of ÌwÀ
This paper will explore the concept of ıw a, generally translated as ‘character’, and its possible implications for the study of Yor ub a aesthetics. There is no doubt that the concept of ıw a isExpand
  • 2018
Chemical analysis of glass beads from Igbo Olokun, Ile-Ife (SW Nigeria): New light on raw materials, production, and interregional interactions
Abstract The site of Igbo Olokun on the northern periphery of Ile-Ife has been recognized as a glass-working workshop for over a century. Its glass-encrusted crucibles and beads were viewed asExpand
Ile-Ife and Igbo Olokun in the history of glass in West Africa
Abstract Recent excavations at the site of Igbo Olokun in the Yoruba city of Ile-Ife, in south-western Nigeria, have shed light on early glass manufacturing techniques in West Africa. The recovery ofExpand
  • 2016
Archaeological Investigations of Early Glass Production at Igbo-Olokun, Ile-Ife (Nigeria)
The sacred grove at Igbo Olokun, located in Ile-Ife, Southwestern Nigeria, has long been known for the massive quantities of glass beads (fig. 1-4) present on the surface and in subsurface deposits.Expand
The Late Stone Age Site in Egba Forest, Southwest Nigeria
  • Journal of Environment and Culture
  • 2015
The Rise of the Opposition Political Party in Nigeria: Case Study of the All Progressive Congress.
  • International Journal of Politics and Good Governance
  • 2015