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The Yorta Yorta (Bangerang) language of the Murray Goulburn, including Yabula Yabula

  title={The Yorta Yorta (Bangerang) language of the Murray Goulburn, including Yabula Yabula},
  author={Heather J. Bowe and Stephen. Morey},
Dynamic Models of Language Evolution: The Linguistic Perspective
Language is probably the key defining characteristic of humanity, an immensely powerful tool which provides its users with an infinitely expressive means of representing their complex thoughts and
Challenges of sampling and how phylogenetic comparative methods help: With a case study of the Pama-Nyungan laminal contrast
The essential logic behind phylogenetic comparative methods and their fundamental relatedness to a deep intellectual tradition focussed on sampling are clarified and concepts, methods and tools which will enable typologists to use these methods in everyday typological research are introduced.
Phylogenetic signal in phonotactics
This work extracts phonotactic data from 111 Pama-Nyungan vocabularies and applies tests for phylogenetic signal, quantifying the degree to which the data reflect phylogenetic history and demonstrates the viability of employing a new source of readily extractable data in historical and comparative linguistics.
Moiety Names in South-Eastern Australia: Distribution and Reconstructed History
This report1 forms part of the project ‘Skin and kin in Aboriginal Australia: linguistic and historical perspectives on the dynamics of social categories’, whose object is to document and map the
The Status of Determining Elements in Australian Languages*
It is shown that there is structural evidence for a determiner slot or zone in half of the languages, and this offers an interesting window on the semantics of determiners, as it allows us to contrast determiner uses with non-determiner ones.
Noun phrase constituency in Australian languages: A typological study
Abstract This article examines whether Australian languages generally lack clear noun phrase structures, as has sometimes been argued in the literature. We break up the notion of NP constituency into
Personal pronouns with determining functions in Australian languages
This paper analyses the adnominal use of personal pronouns in a sample of 75 Australian languages. We develop two arguments. First, we argue that in all of the adnominal uses examined, the personal
The victorian naturalist
Annual plants are an under-studied component of the Victorian flora. We describe the morphology and seed biology of ten species common to semi-arid woodlands in far western Victoria: Actinobole
George Augustus Robinson and the Documentation of Languages of South-Eastern New South Wales
Abstract George Augustus Robinson, best known as the conciliator of Tasmanian Aborigines and Chief Protector of Aborigines in the Port Phillip District (Victoria), has provided major sources of


Aboriginal Languages and Clans: An Historical Atlas of Western Central Victoria 1800-1900 [Book Review]
Review(s) of: Aboriginal Languages and Clans: An Historical Atlas of Western Central Victoria 1800-1900. By Ian D. Clark. Monash Publications in Geography no.37. Department of Geography and