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The Yoga Tradition: Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice

  title={The Yoga Tradition: Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice},
  author={Georg Feuerstein},
From the foremost living authority on Yoga comes the most comprehensive and reliable treatment of the subject available today. This is a work of impeccable scholarship by a person who has dedicated his life to the understanding and practice of yoga. The book offers a complete overview of every Yogic tradition, from the familiar to the lesser-known forms. It also covers all aspects of Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina Yoga, including history, philosophy, literature, psychology and practice. In addition… 

Modern Transnational Yoga: A History of Spiritual Commodification

It is argued that viewing yoga as a cultural commodity is the best way to explain its influence as a player in the current spiritual marketplace.

The Neoliberal Yogi and the Politics of Yoga

Can the theory and practice of the yogic tradition serve as a challenge to dominant cultural and political norms in the Western world? In this essay I demonstrate that modern yoga is a creature of

Yoga as a Therapeutic Intervention

This special issue starts with a summarizing overview of published literature reviews on the clinical effects of yoga interventions on physical and mental health, and it continues with a wide range of scientific contributions, addressing specific aspects of a colorful field of research.

Dharma, Yoga, Tantra

  • T. Matus
  • Political Science
    Substance use & misuse
  • 2013
This paper will examine some classical yoga texts in relation to spiritual remedies for substance misuse and other forms of addiction and chemical dependency.

Modern Medical Yoga: Struggling With a History of Magic, Alchemy and Sex

The history of modern yoga is rooted in the history of alchemy and the practice of magic in medieval India, and, it will be argued, the tension between pragmatic rationalism and esoteric magic makes yoga powerful.

Coverings of the Self: The Koshas as a Model of Integrated Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual Well-Being

Yoga developed as a discipline that sought to better understand human nature and to explicate the trajectory of human growth to its full spiritual potential. Yoga, specifically the koshas, outlines

A Typology of Yoga Practitioners: Towards a Model of Involvement in Alternative Spirituality

While the study of alternative spirituality in postindustrial secularized societies is growing, researchers lack systematic tools to describe and analyze the behavior of adherents. In a qualitative

From Prāṇa to Prāṇayāma : ancient sources, modern interpretations

and malleable nature of prāṇa give way to the prāṇāyāma being used for more than just spiritual advancement, but for physical and mental benefits. Usage in this way has allowed the practice to become

Yoga at the Fin de Siècle: Muscular Christianity with a ‘Hindu’ Twist

This paper examines what came to be known as muscular Hinduism and its expression through yoga practices in India. It argues that identifying Anglo-American muscular Christianity as the locus point

The dynamics of spirituality: A cross-cultural analysis of untranslatable terms

The notion of spirituality is increasingly prominent in academic and cultural discourse alike. However, it remains a nebulous concept, capable of diverse interpretations, particularly