The Y chromosome: a graveyard for endogenous retroviruses.

  title={The Y chromosome: a graveyard for endogenous retroviruses.},
  author={Christian Kjellman and Hans Olov Sj{\"o}gren and Bengt Widegren},
  volume={161 2},
We have isolated 20 different human endogenous retroviruses (ERV) related to ERV3, Hsrirt and Humer 4-1. Phylogeny and the presence of these ERV among different primates were determined by computer and Southern blot analyses. Preferential localization of ERV to the human, chimpanzee and orangutan Y chromosomes among the low-copy-number ERV is demonstrated. The reason for this accumulation of ERV on the strongly heterochromatic Y chromosome is probably mediated by (i) the absence of… CONTINUE READING
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