The Xmm-newton Wide-field Survey in the Cosmos Field . I . Survey Description

  title={The Xmm-newton Wide-field Survey in the Cosmos Field . I . Survey Description},
  author={Guenther Hasinger and N. Cappelluti and Hermann Brunner and Marcella Brusa and A. Comastri and Martin S. Elvis and Alexis Finoguenov and Fabrizio Fiore and Alberto Franceschini and Roberto Gilli and Richard E. Griffiths and I. Lehmann and V. Mainieri and Giorgio Matt and I. Matute and Takamitsu Miyaji and Silvano Molendi and St{\'e}phane Paltani and David B. Sanders and N. J. Scoville and Laurence Tresse and Claudia M. Urry and P. Vettolani and Giovanni Zamorani},
We present the first set of XMM-Newton EPIC observations in the 2 deg COSMOS field. The strength of the COSMOS project is the unprecedented combination of a large solid angle and sensitivity over the whole multiwavelength spectrum. The XMM-Newton observations are very efficient in localizing and identifying active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and clusters, as well as groups of galaxies. One of the primary goals of theXMM-NewtonCosmos survey is to study the coevolution of active galactic nuclei as a… CONTINUE READING