The XTOR code for nonlinear 3D simulations of MHD instabilities in tokamak plasmas

  title={The XTOR code for nonlinear 3D simulations of MHD instabilities in tokamak plasmas},
  author={Hinrich L{\"u}tjens and Jean-François Luciani},
  journal={J. Comput. Physics},
The latest version of the XTOR code which solves a set of the extended magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) equations in toroidal geometry is presented. The numerical method is discussed with particular emphasis on critical issues leading to numerical stability and robustness. This includes the time advance algorithm, the choice of variables and the boundary conditions. The physics in the model includes resistive MHD, anisotropic thermal diffusion and some neoclassical effects. The time advance method… CONTINUE READING


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