The Wretched of the Empire: Politics, Ideology and Counterinsurgency in Rhodesia, 1965–80

  title={The Wretched of the Empire: Politics, Ideology and Counterinsurgency in Rhodesia, 1965–80},
  author={Michael Evans},
  journal={Small Wars \& Insurgencies},
  pages={175 - 195}
  • M. Evans
  • Published 1 June 2007
  • Political Science
  • Small Wars & Insurgencies
This article examines the vital importance of political ideology in formulating effective counterinsurgency, by examining the case of Rhodesia between 1965 and 1980. During this period, the Rhodesian Front (RF) Government of Ian Smith adopted a radical right-wing ‘world-struggle ideology’ to justify settler resistance to African decolonisation. The RF's ideology, based on settler-status anxiety, upheld a conspiratorial interpretation of modern politics that emphasised virulent forms of… 
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Insurgency in Rhodesia: An Account and Assessment, 1957–73, London: International Institute of Strategic Studies
  • Adelphi Paper 100,
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Rhodesian Bush War Strategies and Tactics: An Assessment
Top Secret War (Alberton: Galago Publishing, 1982); Ron Reid Daly, ‘War in Rhodesia: Cross-border Operations’, in Al J
  • Venter (ed.) Challenge: Southern Africa within the African Revolutionary Context
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