The World Tribunal on Iraq: Citizens' Tribunals and the Struggle for Accountability

  title={The World Tribunal on Iraq: Citizens' Tribunals and the Struggle for Accountability},
  author={Craig T. Borowiak},
  journal={New Political Science},
  pages={161 - 186}
In the wake of the 2003 intervention and occupation of Iraq, a coalition of activists from around the world initiated an international citizens' tribunal to investigate possible crimes perpetrated against the people of Iraq and against international law. Designed to fill a void where existing legal institutions had fallen short, these hearings were not meant to be colorful acts of protest but rather to provide rigorous public assessments of the policies and effects of invasion and occupation… 
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A Secondary Bibliography of the International War Crimes Tribunal: London, Stockholm and Roskilde
E:\CPBR\RUSSJOUR\TYPE3102\russell 31,2 064 red.wpd 1 See Russell’s exposure of this derogatory contraction of “Viet Nam Cong San” (“Vietnamese Communists”) in his War Crimes in Vietnam (London: Allen
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Declaration," op. cit.; and WTI Istanbul Coordinating Committee
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For a discussion of these nongovernmental tribunals, see Hayner, op. cit
Jacques Derrida made a similar point during an interview about the Brussels Tribunal
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