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The World Health Organisation and the right to health

  title={The World Health Organisation and the right to health},
  author={Alison Lakin},
  • A. Lakin
  • Published 2001
  • Political Science, Medicine
As part of the movement to reform and improve the efficiency of the United Nations generally, the WHO has been subject to a great deal of scrutiny and criticism in recent years. Issues arising from the development of such notions as globalisation of health and global governance in health have added to the pressure for the WHO to establish a clear role that will be effective in the twenty-first century. This thesis considers whether adoption of an integrated human rights policy, specifically… 

The Evolution of Human Rights in World Health Organization Policy and the Future of Human Rights Through Global Health Governance

The evolving role of WHO in the development and implementation of human rights for global health is analyzed, the current state of human human rights leadership in the WHO Secretariat is reviewed, and future institutions to reclaim the mantle of human Rights as a normative framework forglobal health governance are looked to.

Making Health a Human Right: The World Health Organisation and the United Nations Programme on Human Rights and Scientific and Technological Developments

This article explores the role of the World Health Organization (WHO) in establishing global health governance through human rights, tracing WHO’s evolving participation in the United Nations’ (UN’s)

The highest attainable standard: The World Health Organization, global health governance, and the contentious politics of human rights

WHO’s constrained role in developing and implementing international human rights for health set into motion a course for the right to health that would prove fatal to the goals of primary health care laid out in the Declaration of Alma-Ata, this research concludes.

Analysis of accessibility and quality of medical services in the city of Orel

It is necessary to organize the provision of medical services on the principle of proximity to the place of residence, place of work or training, and the development of available special­ ized medical Services on the basis of budgetary medical institutions at the expense of additional funding.



WHO reform and global health

The meeting this week of the World Health Assembly in Geneva marks the beginning of a crucial year for the future of international health, and the emergence of an impressive consensus about the problems of the world's health system is seen.

Towards an Improved Understanding of the International Human Right to Health

  • B. Toebes
  • Political Science
    Human rights quarterly
  • 1999
The definition of health as a human right is discussed and its international codification is described and an evaluation of reporting practices is provided and the justiciability issue is addressed.

The international human right to health.

  • S. Jamar
  • Political Science
    Southern University law review. Southern University and A & M College. School of Law
  • 1994
This article examines the sources of the human right to health and traces the contours of it to develop a standard against which conduct of states can be measured and articulates a narrowly defined right which can be enforced in court.

The right to health in the Americas a comparative constitutional study.

This monograph gives lawmakers an understanding of the importance of the "right to health" and aims to promote among health professionals an awareness of laws role in health. The monograph consists

Trends in health legislation and human rights.

The implicit proposal that the balance between individual rights and collective interests should be weighed in favour of the latter is questioned and the consequences of these legislative trends are assessed.

Health and human rights

Paradoxically, the discipline of public health has generally ignored the societal roots of health in favour of medical interventions, which operate further downstream.

Some Contributions of the World Health Organization to Legislation

In his chapter on “Public Health Law” in the latest edition of one of the classic works in the public health field, Grad has noted that “The reach of public health law is as broad as the reach of

Health care as a natural right.

  • J. Hayes
  • Medicine, Political Science
    Medicine and law
  • 1992
This article demonstrates that this concept of a 'right' to health care draws strong support from leading modern works on natural law and justice and responds to the arguments, both theoretical and practical, put forward against this proposition.