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The World As Will And Idea

  title={The World As Will And Idea},
  author={A. Schopenhauer and R. Haldane and J. Kemp},
Gdansk, Poland). 1805 20 April: Suicide (alleged) of his father. 1809–11 Studies in Gottingen. 1811–13 Studies at Berlin University; lectures by Fichte, Wolf, and Schleiermacher. 1813 Writes his dissertation: On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason. 1815 On Seeing and Colors. 1818 First Italian journey. 1819 The World as Will and Representation; with Hegel’s help, received lectureship at Berlin University 1822 Second Italian Journey. 1831 Fled Berlin because of cholera… Expand
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