The Wisconsin Idea and Business Progressivism

  title={The Wisconsin Idea and Business Progressivism},
  author={Stuart Allen Morris},
  journal={Journal of American Studies},
  pages={39 - 60}
  • S. Morris
  • Published 1 July 1970
  • Education
  • Journal of American Studies
‘The curriculum’, write Richard Hofstadter and C. de Witt Hardy, ‘is a barometer by which we may measure the cultural pressures that operate upon the school.’ These pressures are of many kinds, economic and intellectual, and they make schools and universities social, and even political institutions sensitive to external needs and demands. In the United States, where education has become one of the main secular goals of society, the history of schools and universities deserves to be an integral… 
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Training for Business at the University of Wisconsin

  • W. A. Scott
  • Education, History
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1913
Training for business at the University of Wisconsin is carried on through the agency of the Course in Commerce, the businesstraining branch of the Extension Division, and the College of Engineering.

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