The Will of Alfonso I, "El Batallador," King of Aragon and Navarre: A Reassessment

  title={The Will of Alfonso I, "El Batallador," King of Aragon and Navarre: A Reassessment},
  author={Elena Lourie},
  pages={635 - 651}
WHEN Alfonso I, king of Aragon and Navarre, died without issue on 8 September 1134, he left a will bequeathing his realms to the Orders of the Temple, St. John of Jerusalem and the Holy Sepulcher.' The Aragonese, however, acclaimed as king Alfonso's younger brother, Ramiro II, a monk and bishop-elect; and, forgoing the benefit of a papal dispensation, they arranged his marriage to Agnes, the duke of Aquitaine's sister, clearly hoping to secure the continuity of the royal line as soon as… 
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