The Wiimote and Beyond: Spatially Convenient Devices for 3D User Interfaces

  title={The Wiimote and Beyond: Spatially Convenient Devices for 3D User Interfaces},
  author={Chadwick A. Wingrave and Brian Williamson and Paul Varcholik and Jeremy Rose and Andrew Miller and Emiko Charbonneau and Jared N. Bott and Joseph J. LaViola},
  journal={IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications},
The Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote) has served as an input device in 3D user interfaces (3DUIs) but differs from the general-purpose input hardware typically found in research labs and commercial applications. Despite this, no one has systematically evaluated the device in terms of what it offers 3DUI designers. Experience with the Wiimote indicates that it's an imperfect harbinger of a new class of spatially convenient devices, classified in terms of spatial data, functionality, and commodity… CONTINUE READING
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