The White City: The Lord of the Rings as an Early Medieval Myth of the Restoration of the Roman Empire

  title={The White City: The Lord of the Rings as an Early Medieval Myth of the Restoration of the Roman Empire},
  author={Judy Ann Ford},
  journal={Tolkien Studies},
  pages={53 - 73}
  • J. Ford
  • Published 2005
  • Philosophy
  • Tolkien Studies
Pippin gazed in growing wonder at the great stone city, vaster and more splendid than anything that he had dreamed of; greater and stronger than Isengard, and far more beautiful. Yet it was in truth falling year by year into decay; and already it lacked half the men that could have dwelt at ease there. In every street they passed some great house or court over whose door and arched gates were carved many fair letters of strange and ancient shapes: names Pippin guessed of great men and kindreds… Expand
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