The Web as Television Reimagined? Online Networks and the Pursuit of Legacy Media

  title={The Web as Television Reimagined? Online Networks and the Pursuit of Legacy Media},
  author={Aymar Jean Christian},
  journal={Journal of Communication Inquiry},
  pages={340 - 356}
Television’s perceived weakness at the turn of the century opened a rhetorical and economic space for entrepreneurs eager to curate and distribute web programs. These companies introduced various forms of experimentation they associated with the advantages of digital technologies, but they also maintained continuity with television’s business practices. This dialectic between old and new, continuity and change, insiders and outsiders, reflected the instability of television as a concept and the… Expand
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Programming – Flow in the convergence of digital media platforms and television
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  • Computer Science
  • Critical Studies in Television: The International Journal of Television Studies
  • 2018
A case study of Netflix illuminates how this reconceived flow series functions as a framework for understanding the stakes of digital media platforms that both foster possibilities for user interactivity and attenuate users to industrial models for audienceship and programming. Expand
Perceptions of online styles of news video production
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Transformasi Digital Merek-Merek Indonesia Dalam Bentuk Penempatan Produk Pada Web Series Di Situs Web Youtube [Digital Transformation of Indonesian Brands in the Form of Product Placement on Web Series on the Youtube Website]
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