The War with the Tutors: Student-Faculty Conflict at Harvard and Yale, 1745–1771

  title={The War with the Tutors: Student-Faculty Conflict at Harvard and Yale, 1745–1771},
  author={Kathryn McDaniel Moore},
  journal={History of Education Quarterly},
  pages={115 - 127}
  • K. Moore
  • Published 22 January 1978
  • Education
  • History of Education Quarterly
Most historical descriptions of the relationship between tutors and students in early American higher education have tended to emphasize elements of consensus and community. Historians such as Morison and Smith have suggested that the relationship was basically close and cordial, characterized by shared values and fostered by the small, homogeneous nature of the institution. While not discounting the basic validity of this description, current research has begun to examine what one scholar has… 
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    Bulletin of the history of medicine
  • 2000
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and that "the true grievance lay in the position of semi-hostility to the students taken by the college officers
  • the relations between instructors and scholars were far from satisfactory
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