The War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948

  title={The War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948},
  author={L. C. Brown and E. Rogan and Avi Shlaim},
  journal={Foreign Affairs},
The 1948 War led to the creation of the state of Israel, the fragmentation of Palestine, and to a conflict which has raged across the intervening sixty years. The historical debate also continues, and these debates are encapsulated in the essays contained in a second edition of The War for Palestine: Rewriting the History of 1948, updated to include chapters on Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. In a preface to the new edition, the editors survey the state of scholarship in this contested field. The… Expand


The success of this book surpassed all our expectations
  • It received considerable critical acclaim; it sold over 8,000 copies; and it was translated into three languages – Arabic, French, and
  • 2001
Nowar, The Jordanian-Israeli War, 1948–1951
  • A History of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (Reading,
  • 2002
All the original contributors to that book, with the exception of the late Edward Said, were offered an opportunity to revise their chapters
  • All the authors, including the two editors, were content to let their chapters be reprinted in their original form.
  • 2001
The Birth of the Palestinian
  • Refugee Problem,
  • 1947