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The WISSH QSOs project IX. Cold gas content and environment of luminous QSOs at Cosmic noon

  title={The WISSH QSOs project IX. Cold gas content and environment of luminous QSOs at Cosmic noon},
  author={M. Bischetti and Chiara Feruglio and Enrico Piconcelli and Federica Duras and Miguel A. P{\'e}rez-Torres and R. Herrero and Giacomo Venturi and Stefano Carniani and Gabriele Bruni and Isabelle Gavignaud and Vincenzo Testa and A. Bongiorno and Marcella Brusa and Chiara Circosta and Giovanni Cresci and Valentina D’Odorico and Roberto Maiolino and Alessandro Marconi and Matilde Mingozzi and Cirino Pappalardo and M. Perna and Efthalia Traianou and Andrea Travascio and G. Vietri and Luca Zappacosta and Fabrizio Fiore},
  journal={arXiv: Astrophysics of Galaxies},
Sources at the brightest end of QSO luminosity function during the peak epoch of star formation and black hole accretion (z~2-4, i.e. Cosmic noon) are privileged sites to study the feeding & feedback cycle of massive galaxies. We perform the first systematic study of cold gas properties in the most luminous QSOs, by characterising their host-galaxies and environment. We analyse ALMA, NOEMA and JVLA observations of FIR continuum, CO and [CII] emission lines in eight QSOs ($L_{\rm Bol}>3\times10… 


The WISSH QSOs project
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