The Volcano of Matavanu in Savaii

  title={The Volcano of Matavanu in Savaii},
  author={T. Anderson},
  journal={Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London},
  pages={621 - 639}
  • T. Anderson
  • Geology
  • Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London
The Samoa or Navigator Islands are a group in the Western Pacific, lying in 13½° to 14° S. lat. and 168° to 173° W. long. They are some 350 miles north of Tonga, and between 400 and 500 miles north-east of Fiji. From Auckland (New Zealand) the sailing distance is 1560 miles, and from San Francisco about 4400. The group consists of nine islands, in addition to rocks and islets, but only four are of any notable size, namely: Upolu, Savaii, Tutuila, and Manua. The two first-named belong to Germany… Expand
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