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The Voices Of Morebath Reformation And Rebellion In An English Village

  title={The Voices Of Morebath Reformation And Rebellion In An English Village},
  author={Jonathan Rose},
Christianity in the West, 1400-1700Fires of FaithGod's LibraryThe Voices of MorebathThe Reformation: A Very Short IntroductionReassessing the Henrician AgeA People’s TragedyJohn Henry NewmanReformation DividedSaints, Sacrilege and SeditionEnglish ReformationsEngland's Glorious Revolution 1688-1689Fire from HeavenThe Age of ReformationDreaming the English RenaissanceHeretics and BelieversThe Imaginative World of the ReformationThe Voices of MorebathThe Diary of Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683The… 
The Reception of the Elizabethan Religious Settlement in Three Yorkshire Parishes, 1559–72
Abstract This article explores how the Elizabethan religious settlement of 1559 was experienced at parish level, up to the year 1572. Churchwardens' accounts for the Yorkshire parishes of Masham,
Sums Theological: Doing Theology with the London Bills of Mortality, 1603–1666
Abstract From 1603 until the mid-nineteenth century, weekly bills of mortality were printed and published in London, providing detailed statistics on births, deaths, and plague fatalities for each
3. Clerical and Ecclesiastical Ideas of Territory in the Late Medieval Low Countries
Stuart Elden’s The Birth of Territory relies heavily on political theorists and lexical analysis; this chapter argues that the Church and clerics had an important impact Elden overlooked. Late
The Manuscripts of the Middle English Lay Folks’ Mass Book in Context
Abstract This paper, part of a long-term programme of research into the forms and functions of the vernacular in late medieval liturgical practice in England, offers a “cultural map” of the Middle
The Continuing Importance of the Manor in Late Sixteenth-Century England: The Example of the Blount Family of the West Midlands
  • E. Norton
  • History, Economics
    Midland History
  • 2022
ABSTRACT The parish is acknowledged by historians to be the political unit of fundamental importance to the people of early modern England, with the manor, which had been central to medieval life,
Common Knowledge: Recent Works on Early Modern Community
A review of Julia Lupton, Thinking With Shakespeare: Essays on Politics and Life; Joanna Picciotto, Labors of Innocence in Early Modern England; and Laurie Shannon, The Accommodated Animal:
To See the World in a Grain of Sand
It is all too easy to become blind to the beauty that shows up every day, over and over, in the faces and stories of patients, and I would not be surprised if this contributes to the rising burnout and depression rate among clinicians.