The VoiceApp System: Speech Technologies to Access the Semantic Web

  title={The VoiceApp System: Speech Technologies to Access the Semantic Web},
  author={David Griol and Jos{\'e} Manuel Molina and V. Corrales},
Maximizing accessibility is not always the main objective in the design of web applications, specially if it is concerned with facilitating access for disabled people. In this paper we present the VoiceApp multimodal dialog system, which enables to access and browse Internet by means of speech. The system consists of several modules that provide different user experiences on the web. Voice Dictionary allows the multimodal access to the Wikipedia encyclopedia, Voice Pronunciations has been… 
Multi-lingual and -modal Applications in the Semantic Web: the example of Ambient Assisted Living
Challenges that the authors currently face in developing multi-lingual and -modal applications are examined and some current and future Web application domains, particularly on Ambient Asset Living are focused on.
Literature Review of Computer Tools for the Visually Impaired: a focus on Search Engines
This paper reviews published works and products that deal with providing accessibility to visually impaired online users and focuses on search engines as a primary tool for browsing the web.
Towards the Use of Dialog Systems to Facilitate Inclusive Education
This chapter describes innovative uses of multimodal dialog systems in education, with special emphasis in the advantages that they provide for creating inclusive applications and learning activities.
Enhancing GMM speaker identification by incorporating SVM speaker verification for intelligent web-based speech applications
The experimental results show that speaker recognition by using the developed EGMM-SVM with an accurate operation mechanism for Gaussian distribution derivations yields a higher recognition rate than does a conventional GMM without any considerations on the quality of test speech utterances.
Hacia una educación inclusiva y personalizada mediante el uso de los sistemas de diálogo multimodal
Continuous advances in the development of information technologies have currently led to the possibility of accessing learning contents from anywhere, at anytime and almost instantaneously. However,
Development of a Search Engine Tool for Visually Impaired Web Users
A detailed walkthrough of the engineering process for the development of an accessible search engine tool and its implications for accessibility, usability, and usability evaluations.


The VoiceXML dialog system for the e-commerce ordering service
  • Min-Jen Tsai
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, 2005.
  • 2005
This research develops an integrated Web based Mandarin dialog system which adopts ASR, TTS, VoiceXML browser, and VoIP technologies to create user friendly interfaces of GUI and VUI.
A voice-driven web browser for blind people
A specialised small Web browser with a voice-driven dialogue manager and a text-to-speech screen reader is presented, primarily intended to be used with the new Web portal exclusively dedicated to blind and visually impaired users.
Natural Language Assistant: A Dialog System for Online Product Recommendation
The NATURAL language ASSISTANT (NLA), a web-based natural language dialog system to help users find relevant products on electronic-commerce sites, brings together technologies in natural language processing and human-computer interaction to create a faster and more intuitive way of interacting with web sites.
Qme! : A Speech-based Question-Answering system on Mobile Devices
Qme!, a speech-based question-answering system that allows for spoken queries and retrieves answers to the questions instead of web pages is presented and bootstrap methods to distinguish dynamic questions from static questions are presented.
The MonAMI reminder: a spoken dialogue system for face-to-face interaction
A calendar and reminder application which uses an innovative mix of an embodied conversational agent, digital pen and paper, and the web to meet the needs of those users as well as the current constraints of speech technology.
CobotDS: a spoken dialogue system for chat
CobotDS provides real-time, two-way, natural language communication between a phone user and the multiple users in the text environment through a well-known interact chat server called LambdaMOO.
Spoken, Multilingual and Multimodal Dialogue Systems: Development and Assessment
This book discusses Dialogue Systems, a model for Multimodal Dialogue Systems based on VoiceXML, and its applications in Spoken and Multilingual Dialogue Systems.
In this paper we propose partially specified dialogue strategies for dialogue strategy optimization, where part of the strategy is specified deterministically and the rest optimized with
A Methodology for Learning Optimal Dialog Strategies
A technique for learning new dialog strategies by using a statistical dialog manager that is trained from a dialog corpus to explore the space of possible dialog strategies for a dialog system that collects monitored data from patients suffering from diabetes is presented.
A Collaborated Computing System by Web Services Based P2P Architecture
The collaborated computing system has been applied to analyze the robustness of digital watermark by filter bank selection and the performance can be improved in the aspect of speedup, efficiency and process time.