The Visions of Sane Persons

  title={The Visions of Sane Persons},
  author={Maureen Seaton},
  pages={144 - 145}
The poet Major Jackson (Holding Company, Hoops) compiles this eclectic Spring issue, which includes the work of several distinguished writers and newcomers. Featuring poetry by writers like Mark Doty, Martin Espada, Tony Hoagland, Laura Kasischke, Sharon Olds, Carl Phillips, and Tracy K. Smith, the issue is a dazzling tour of the modern poetic landscape in America. There is also a wide variety of fiction, from the story of a high school girl in the South and her relationship with a white… Expand
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The “golden age” of synesthesia inquiry in the late nineteenth century (1876–1895)
These enquiries went to the heart of the debate as to whether synesthetic experiences are special in any way or, instead, a more vivid manifestation of a more general capacity for forming associations. Expand
The geometrical basis of arithmetical knowledge: Frege & Dehaene
  • S. Costreie
  • Philosophy
  • THEORIA. An International Journal for Theory, History and Foundations of Science
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Frege writes in Numbers and Arithmetic about kindergarten-numbers and “an a priori mode of cognition” that they may have “a geometrical source.” This resembles recent findings on arithmeticalExpand
Synaesthesia quotient: operationalising an individual index of phenotypic expressivity of developmental synaesthesia
The primary purpose of our current study is to develop a novel selfadministered or/and interviewer-assisted instrument rating an individual degree of phenotypic expressivity of synaesthesia. AExpand
The role of crossmodal interaction in psychological and brain organization of mathematical abilities
В статье проанализированы работы отечественных и зарубежных ученых, посвященные роли межанализаторного взаимодействия в развитии и реализации математических способностей. Межмодальное взаимодействиеExpand