The Vis-a-Vid Transparent Video Facetop


OVERVIEW The Vis-a-vid (VAV) transparent video facetop is a novel videobased user interface that supports not only single-user interactions with a PC, but also close pair collaborations, such as that found in distributed pair programming and distributed extreme programming (dPP/dXP) environments. In VAV we form the facetop by pointing an inexpensive but high quality iBot camera at the PC user, and then making that live video stream fullscreen in size. In software, and using a high-performance 3D-graphics video card, we reverse the video image horizontally, make the video window semi-transparent and send it to the back of the videorendering list for applications on the desktop. This gives us a desktop "live video wallpaper" with the appearance of the user watching his/her own desktop from behind.

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