The Virginian history of African colonization

  title={The Virginian history of African colonization},
  author={Philip Slaughter},
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Excerpt from Negro Comrades of the Crown: African Americans and the British Empire Fight the U.S. before Emancipation

Author(s): Horne, Gerald | Abstract: Negro Comrades of the Crown unveils the amazing history of the alliances that African Americans in search of individual and group freedom forged throughout the

The Slave Trade Act of 1819: A New Look at Colonization and the Politics of Slavery

Abstract Few topics have garnered more scholarly attention lately than the African colonization movement. Now more than ever, researchers appreciate colonization's enduring role in the politics of

Freedom road: Black refugee settlements in northwestern Pennsylvania, 1820-1870

Freedom Road: Black Refugee Settlements in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 1820 – 1870

Le syndrome de Saint-Domingue. Perceptions et représentations de la Révolution haïtienne dans le Monde atlantique, 1790-1886

Jusqu'a la derniere decennie du XVIIIe siecle, Saint-Domingue etait la colonie de plantation la plus prospere du continent americain. Ce fut precisement dans le nord de ce territoire insulaire que se

A Community of Households: Early 19th-Century Enslaved Landscapes at James Madison's Montpelier

Over the next three years, the Montpelier Foundation will conduct archaeological investigations of various households that were part of the early 19th-century (1810s to 1830s) enslaved community at

The Rhetorical Origins of the African Colonization Movement in the United States

Title of dissertation: THE RHETORICAL ORIGINS OF THE AFRICAN COLONIZATION MOVEMENT IN THE UNITED STATES Bjørn F. Stillion Southard, Doctor of Philosophy, 2009 Dissertation directed by: Professor

The Price of Liberty: African Americans and the Making of Liberia

In nineteenth-century America, the belief that blacks and whites could not live in social harmony and political equality in the same country led to a movement to relocate African Americans to