The Village Voice

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Suggestive interviewing in the McMartin Preschool and Kelly Michaels daycare abuse cases: A case study
In the 1980s and early 1990s the United States witnessed an outbreak of bizarre “daycare abuse” cases in which groups of young children levelled allegations of sexual and Satanic abuse against their
Fashioning contemporary art: a new interdisciplinary aesthetics in art-design collaborations
ABSTRACT A surge in creative collaboration between fine artists and fashion designers might be troubling the art world, but these mergers have prompted little debate within academic research in the
From State-Sanctioned Removal to the Right to the City: The Policing of Asian Immigrants in Southern Brooklyn, 1987–1995
  • V. Truong
  • Political Science
    Journal of Asian American Studies
  • 2020
Drawing on archival research and oral histories, this article situates the 1995 police shooting of Chinese immigrant teenager Yong Xin Huang within the context of segregationist violence in southern
Times Square Red, White and Blue
In the opening paragraphs of his “Times Square Blue” essay, Samuel R. Delany references a public art exhibition. Written in 1996 and published in 1999 with the pendant “...Three, Two, One, Contact:
,,Aus heutiger Sicht gab’s damals nicht“: Jan-Ole Gerster’s Oh Boy and the Frischian Opacity of Vergangenheitsbewältigung
Blankenship and Twark (2017) showed that Jan-Ole Gerster’s 2012 Oh Boy (or: “A Coffee in Berlin”) addresses Vergangenheitsbewältigung to varying degrees of overtness and intensity. However, the movie
AI Ethics in Predictive Policing: From Models of Threat to an Ethics of Care
  • P. Asaro
  • Computer Science, Business
    IEEE Technology and Society Magazine
  • 2019
The adoption of data-driven organizational management - which includes big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques - is growing rapidly across all sectors of the knowledge
Airport terminals and desert planes: re-visiting the border in the terminal and no country for old men
Eighteen years after the 9/11 attacks in New York and Washington and in the present context of bitter conflict over the building of a wall across the US-Mexico border promoted by current President of
Cultural Archipelagos: New Directions in the Study of Sexuality and Space
Research on sexuality and space makes assumptions about spatial singularity: Across the landscape of different neighborhoods in the city, there is one, and apparently only one, called the gayborhood.