The Vice Presidency: Its Institutional Evolution and Contemporary Status

  title={The Vice Presidency: Its Institutional Evolution and Contemporary Status},
  author={Paul Theodore David},
  journal={The Journal of Politics},
  pages={721 - 748}
  • P. David
  • Published 1 November 1967
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Politics
T HIS ESSAY SEEKS to trace the recent evolution and changing status of the Vice Presidency as an office in the American scheme of government. Special attention will be given to the experience since 1952. Taken as a whole, the experience suggests that the following propositions are a reasonable summary of the situation for the time being: 1. The Vice Presidency is in transition to a new institutional status in which it will be recognized as an office established predominantly in the Executive… 

Heir Apparent: Vice Presidents

The goal of the Constitution in instituting the Electoral College was to assure that the presidency was conferred upon the most meritorious individual in the country. The runner up would be named as

Institutional Change and the Dynamics of Vice Presidential Selection

The American vice presidency has recently matured into a distinguished office of considerable authority (David 1967; Goldstein 1982; Light 1984; Mayer 2000; Nelson 1988a; Pomper 1966). Vice President

Balancing the Ticket: How Selecting A Vice President Has Changed in the Modern Era

Over the past century, the role of the vice presidency has increased drastically, to the point that some view the president and the vice president as a co-presidency. When this started and who

Vice Presidents of the United States

We understood each other's needs. We respected each other's opinions. We kept each other's confidence. Our relationship in the White House held up under the searing pressure of that place because we

The Initially Strongest Player

Coalition studies offer the curious paradox where &dquo;strength becomes weakness&dquo; and the initially strongest player in resource distribution is excluded from the winning coalition (Chertkoff,

Aufgaben und Funktionen von Vizepräsidentschaftskandidaten im Wahlkampf

In den Vereinigten Staaten wird dem Vizeprasidenten meist nur wenig Beachtung geschenkt; im besten Fall wird er als ‚Ersatzprasident‘ wahrgenommen, der auf seine Chance wartet, selbst ins Amt treten

Der Vizepräsident im Wahlkampf

Der Artikel beschreibt die historische Entwicklung der Vizeprasidentschaft in den USA und analysiert die Rolle der Running Mates im Wahlkampf Prasidentschaftswahlkampf 2012. Insbesondere wird diese



The Nomination of Hubert Humphrey for Vice-President

T HE NOMINATION of Hubert Humphrey as the 1964 Democratic candidate for Vice-President constituted one of the most unusual incidents in recent political history. It was achieved through an active

Senate Committee on the Judiciary, Hearing of 1965

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