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The Very Big ILC

  title={The Very Big ILC},
  author={David Hitlin},
  journal={arXiv: Popular Physics},
  • D. Hitlin
  • Published 29 August 2020
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  • arXiv: Popular Physics
In the spirit of Leon Lederman's 1977 proposal for the siting of the VBA, we propose a version of the International Linear Collider along the US-Mexico border. 

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Using a combination of x-ray diffraction and electron diffraction, the scientists produced a three-dimensional map of the hybridized "orbital hole" bonding copper with neighboring oxygen atoms in cuprite (Cu2O).

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Dark current and radiation shielding studies for the ILC main linac

Electrons of dark current (DC), generated in high-gradient superconducting RF cavities (SRF) due to field emission, can be accelerated up to very high energies—19 GeV in the case of the International

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