The Vascular System of Monocotyledonous Stems

  title={The Vascular System of Monocotyledonous Stems},
  author={M. H. Zimmermann and P. Tomlinson},
  journal={Botanical Gazette},
  • M. H. Zimmermann, P. Tomlinson
  • Published 1972
  • Biology
  • Botanical Gazette
  • The course of vascular bundles and its developmental pattern in monocotyledons has been reinvestigated. This shows the existence of an "inner" and an "outer" vascular system. The inner system is more extensive, three-dimensionally very complex, and "open-ended" in a distal direction, i.e., centripetally toward the apical meristem The outer system is open-ended in basal and peripheral directions and usually, poorly developed. In many monocotyledons, it is represented by the fibrous bundles in… CONTINUE READING


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