The Variable Quiescence of Cen X-4

  title={The Variable Quiescence of Cen X-4},
  author={Gian Luca Israel and Luigi Stella and Fabio Gastaldello and Sandro Mereghetti},
Cen X-4 is one of the best studied low-mass neutron star transients in quiescence. Thanks to XMM-Newton large throughput, Cen X-4 was observed at the highest signal to noise ever. This allowed us to disclose rapid (> 100 s), large (45 ± 7 rms in the 10 −4 − 1 Hz range) intensity variability, especially at low energies. In order to highlight the cause of this variability, we divided the data into intensity intervals and fit the resulting spectra with the canonical model for neutron star… CONTINUE READING