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The Value of Political Connections in the Post-Transition Period: Evidence from the Czech Republic

  title={The Value of Political Connections in the Post-Transition Period: Evidence from the Czech Republic},
  author={Miroslav Palansk{\'y}},
This paper analyzes a novel data set on all corporate political donations made in a post-transition country, the Czech Republic, between 1995 and 2014. Using these donations as a proxy for political connections, I assess the relationship between being connected to a political party and the financial performance of the connected firms. In line with the theoretical predictions, I find that firms successfully use political connections to gain advantage over their non-connected peers. The results… 

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This work benchmarkes Compustat by comparing it to Datastream in the US and finds systematic differences in the raw financial statements across the databases and finds large statistically and economically significant disparities in the returns.

When EU Political Convergence Fails in New Member States: Corporate and Party State Capture in Croatia and the Czech Republic

Abstract The unifying theme of our study is that democratic backsliding in the post-socialist new EU member states occurs against the backdrop of existing or emerging cases of state capture.



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