The Value of Health in the Writings of H.D. Thoreau

  title={The Value of Health in the Writings of H.D. Thoreau},
  author={Antonio Casado da Rocha},
  journal={Environmental Values},
By means of a survey of Thoreau’s writings, this article analyses his thoughts on health, emphasising some features that fit well with contemporary debates in the philosophy of medicine. Thoreau understands health as an environmental value, one that cannot be achieved without a personal relation to nature, but he does not provide a static definition of health within a fixed hierarchy of values. Thus he avoids a certain degree of essentialism that, when imposed on his work, makes it seem more… 

An Ecological Philosophy of Self and World: What Ecocentric Morality Demands of the Universe

When environmental philosophy began as a political movement, one of its original goals was to transform people's lifestyles. This required appeals to everyday intuitions and emotional writing evoking

New trends in urban environmental health research: from geography of diseases to therapeutic landscapes and healing gardens

The analysis proved that healing gardens and therapeutic landscapes provide multiple benefits and can be regarded as nature-based solutions.



"Another name for health": Thoreau and Modern Medicine

The authors bring Henry David Thoreau's writing to bear on the values of modern hospital care in the U.S. and include a brief history of hospital design to show that patients were not always isolated from natural surroundings and a healthy diet.

Medicine and the Call for a Moral Epistemology

  • A. Tauber
  • Philosophy
    Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 2005
Until medicine embraces a philosophy that legitimates the full integration of facts and values, the appeal of such an approach will remain limited and its application ineffective.

An agenda for future debate on concepts of health and disease

  • G. Khushf
  • Medicine
    Medicine, health care, and philosophy
  • 2007
This work shows how Christopher Boorse and Lennart Nordenfelt actually share deep assumptions about the character of medicine, and advances a new way of reading the distinction between weak and strong normativists.

Nietzsche’s Conception of Health: The Idealization of Struggle

With Darwin, a materialistic basis was established for explaining the emergence and transformation of species, shaking to its very foundation the preceding conception of natural order. By the end of

Self-Healing Forces and Concepts of Health and Disease. A Historical Discourse

  • B. Lohff
  • Medicine
    Theoretical medicine and bioethics
  • 2001
The knowledge of heath-shock-proteins open the way of a new understanding of the organic defense mechanisms of self-healing forces.

Letters to a Spiritual Seeker

Henry David Thoreau is famous for the literary excellence of his political and nature writings but his friend Harrison Blake understood that the significance of Thoreau's life was in fact spiritual,

Henry Thoreau: A Life of the Mind

The two years Thoreau spent at Walden Pond and the night he spent in the Concord jail are among the most familiar features of the American intellectual landscape. In this new biography, based on a

'Wilderness' and the Multiple layers of Environmental Thought

‘Wilderness’ was adopted by US environmentalists in the 19th century to describe a nostalgic striving to get into contact with pure, unspoiled nature outside of human influence, in a sanctuary of genuineness and originality; this ideal was strengthened by its adoption by American nationalists.

The Truth of Ecology: Nature, Culture, and Literature in America

The Truth of Ecology is a wide-ranging, polemical appraisal of contemporary environmental thought. Focusing on the new field of ecocriticism from a thoroughly interdisciplinary perspective, this book

The Correspondence of Henry David Thoreau

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