The Valsalva graft in aortic valve repair and replacement.


Presentation of the use of the new Valsalva graft that incorporates sinuses of Valsalva: its use is mostly recommended for the reimplantation type of valve sparing procedure where it combines the advantages of proper anatomical reconstruction with those of annular stabilization. Its advantages when used in the remodeling technique or in a classical Bentall… (More)
DOI: 10.1510/mmcts.2004.000992


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@article{Paulis2005TheVG, title={The Valsalva graft in aortic valve repair and replacement.}, author={Ruggero de Paulis and Raffaele Scaffa and Stefano Forlani and Luigi Chiariello}, journal={Multimedia manual of cardiothoracic surgery : MMCTS}, year={2005}, volume={2005 1129}, pages={mmcts.2004.000992} }