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The Validity and Reliability of the Problematic Internet Usage Scale

  title={The Validity and Reliability of the Problematic Internet Usage Scale},
  author={Esra Ceyhan and A. Aykut Ceyhan and Ayşen Namlu G{\"u}rcan},
  journal={Kuram Ve Uygulamada Egitim Bilimleri},
Abstract In this research, it was aimed to develop an instrument for determining problematic internet usage of university students. Factorial structure of the data collected from 1658 university students revealed three factors. Of these, the first factor is called negative consequences of the internet and accounted for 25.36% of the variance, the second factor is called social benefit / social comfort and accounted for 14.62% of the variance, and the third factor is called excessive usage and… 

Prediction of Problematic Internet Usage of University Students by Their Attachment Styles

The purpose of this study is to predict university students’ problematic Internet use levels by their attachment styles. The participants of the study are the university students at a large

The Development of the Digital Addiction Scale for the University Students: Reliability and Validity Study

This study was carried out to develop a scale for determining the level of digital addiction of the youth. In this study carried out with a group of 687 students from Siirt, Dicle and Erzincan

Analysis of the Relationship between University Students’ Problematic Internet Use and Loneliness

The computer is part of the information and communication age, and the Internet today is the most used communication tool. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between problematic Internet

An Investigation of Problematic Internet Usage Behaviors on Turkish University Students

This research aims at examining the relationships between problematic internet usage (PIU) behavior and some demographic information and qualifications related to internet use of Turkish university

Problematic internet usage among high school students and the relevant factors

Objective: In this study we studied the problematic internet usage among high school students and the relevant factors. Methods: This cross sectional study was done in March 2010. A questionnaire was

PIUS-a: Problematic Internet Use Scale in adolescents. Development and psychometric validation.

A brief and simple tool that enables the gradation of adolescents on a risk or problematic Internet use continuum, which has substantial theoretical support and enormous applied potential in both the educational and clinical contexts.

Development of a Problematic Mobile Phone Use Scale for university students: validity and reliability study -

PMPUS is a reliable and valid scale with 26 items in four subdimensions with the required values for validity and reliability, according to the results.

Comparison of Turkish Problematic and Non-Problematic Internet Users

It was pointed out that the problematic internet users preferred the internet activities such as e-mail, file transfer, news, shopping, online gaming and chat rooms more than non-problematic internet users did, and also the problematicinternet users spent more time for these activities, except for searching general information activities.



The Psychometric Properties of the Internet Addiction Test

Overall, the IAT is a valid and reliable instrument that may be used in further research on Internet addiction, and showed good internal consistency and concurrent validity, with salience being the most reliable.

Validation of a New Scale for Measuring Problematic Internet Use: Implications for Pre-employment Screening

The utility of the OCS for both clinical assessment of Internet addiction and as an organizational preemployment screening measure to identify potential employees who are likely to abuse the Internet in the workplace (also known as "cyberslacking") were discussed.

Internet Over-Users' Psychological Profiles: A Behavior Sampling Analysis on Internet Addiction

The IA group seemed to be more vulnerable to interpersonal dangers than others, showing an unusually close feeling for strangers, and reported the highest degree of loneliness, depressed mood, and compulsivity compared to the other groups.

Internet usage and 'internet addiction' in students and its implications for learning

One of the objectives of this research project is to determine the object of the addiction and the implications it may have for impeding student learning and to establish empirically the prevalence of ‘Internet addiction’ amongst the student population.

Internet Addiction - Time to be Taken Seriously?

The rise and popularity of the Internet as a communication medium has become an ever-increasing part of many people’s day-to-day lives. Coupled with the rise in popularity and usage, there have been

Internet Addiction on Campus: The Vulnerability of College Students

  • J. Kandell
  • Psychology, Education
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 1998
College students are particularly vulnerable to pathological Internet use due to several factors, including the psychological and developmental characteristics of late adolescence/young adulthood, ready access to the Internet, and an expectation of computer/Internet use.

Problematic internet use: Proposed classification and diagnostic criteria

It is imperative that problematic internet use be appropriately identified among symptomatic individuals and specific diagnostic criteria are proposed that will allow for consistent identification and assist in further study of this behavior.