The VVV open cluster project. Near-infrared sequences of NGC 6067, NGC 6259, NGC 4815, Pismis 18, Trumpler 23, and Trumpler 20

  title={The VVV open cluster project. Near-infrared sequences of NGC 6067, NGC 6259, NGC 4815, Pismis 18, Trumpler 23, and Trumpler 20},
  author={K Pe{\~n}a Ram{\'i}rez and Carlos Gonz'alez-Fern'andez and A. N. Chen'e and S Ram{\'i}rez Alegr{\'i}a},
Open clusters are central elements of our understanding of the Galactic disk evolution, as an accurate determination of their parameters leads to an unbiased picture of our Galaxy’s structure. Extending the analysis towards fainter magnitudes in cluster sequences has a significant impact on the derived fundamental parameters, such as extinction and total mass. We perform a homogeneous analysis of six open stellar clusters in the Galactic disk using kinematic and photometric information from the… 
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