The Uses of Instantons

  title={The Uses of Instantons},
  author={S. Coleman},
In the last two years there have been astonishing developments in quantum field theory. We have obtained control over problems previously believed to be of insuperable difficulty and we have obtained deep and surprising (at least to me) insights into the structure of the leading candidate for the field theory of the strong interactions, quantum chromodynamics. These goodies have come from a family of computational methods that are the subject of these lectures. 
Vacuum decay by inverse scattering
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When I originally agreed to accept the kind invitation to lecture at the NATO Summer School in Cargese, my topic was to be the theory of CP violation. The developments of the past year have resultedExpand
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"In recent years the ideas of decay of a metastable state by quantum tunnelling of a field, and also of tunnelling between degenerate vacua, have played a major role in particle physics. AnalogousExpand
A small, but to my mind significant, area of development taking place in Euclidean field theories is discussed, corresponding to Yang-Mills solitons or monopoles. Expand
Higher-order quantum corrections in the presence of an instanton background field
Abstract We calculate the ultraviolet divergent part of the two-loop correction to the vacuum energy in the presence of an instanton background field. We verify that the coupling constant and fermionExpand


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CP Conservation in the Presence of Pseudoparticles
We give an explanation of the $\mathrm{CP}$ conservation of strong interactions which includes the effects of pseudoparticles. We find it is a natural result for any theory where at least one flavorExpand
Problem of Strong $P$ and $T$ Invariance in the Presence of Instantons
The requirement that P and T be approximately conserved in the color gauge theory of strong interactions without arbitrary adjustment of parameters is analyzed. Several possibilities are identified,Expand
A new light boson
It is pointed out that a global U(1) symmetry, that has been introduced in order to preserve the parity and time-reversal invariance of strong interactions despite the effects of instantons, wouldExpand
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Vacuum Instability and Higgs Scalar Mass
A procedure is given to estimate the decay probability of a metastable vacuum state in quantum field theory. As an application, in the Weinberg-Salam model the lower bound (for theta/sub W/=35degree)Expand