The Use of Scaled - down Method 1 N Geothermal Reservoir Modeling


%is paper is a report of an initial attempt to conduct 3boratory-size, in experimental geothermal reservoir iodeling. The method is based on the basic physical nderstanding of a mathematical model of a reservoir. %e reservoir model used here is a fluid dominated ,eothermal reservoir. The hydrostatic pressure and ie reference temperature are extracted from the iathematical model, in the form of nondimensional ystem. The Rayleigh number which is the ratio letween the enthalpy of convection to the enthalpy of onduction is kept constant, while the characteristic ime, velocity, and pressure are isolated in order to levelop temperature and flow patterns. In that way, a ea1 geothermal reservoir can be built in a laboratoryize geothermal reservoir where the temperature and lie flow patterns can be investigated from the eservoir by means of thermocouple and laser loppier velocymeter.

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