The “Urological” pancreatic cyst—A diagnostic enigma


A further case of pancreatic pseudocyst with the preoperative diagnosis of renal cyst is reported. A left nephrectomy and a resection of the tail of the pancreas were performed and the patient made a good recovery. There was no suspicion of abdominal trauma, biliary disease, or heavy alcohol intake. Cytology from aspirate revealed no signs of malignant cells. The amylase content was not determined. Despite IVP and selective renal arteriography a correct diagnosis was not obtained preoperatively. Five cases from the recent literature are presented and the diagnostic problems discussed. In some cases the diagnosis may be possible by determination of the amylase content of the cyst fluid and a selective arteriography of the superior mesenteric artery with its splenic and jejunal branches. In other cases preoperative diagnosis may remain enigmatic.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02081746

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