The Urban Revolution

  title={The Urban Revolution},
  author={Henri Lefebvre},
Attractiveness in Urban Design : A study of the production of attractive places
This research project investigates the production of attractive places, through theory form and everyday life. The research study was originally sprung from practical questions regarding the extens
The territorialization of the 'Republican law': Judicial presence in Seine-Saint-Denis, France
This dissertation investigates the presence of the courts in the spaces of everyday life in social housing estates located in Seine-Saint-Denis (northeast of Paris). Since the 1990s the judiciary has
Reconsidering ‘Desire’ and ‘Style’: A Lefebvrian Approach to Democratic Orientation in Planning
In Henri Lefebvre’s theory, the space in process of social production is regarded as the very condition of accomplishing the ‘desire’ to do or to create something. This article argues that we need to
Lefebvre’s Politics of Space: Planning the Urban as Oeuvre
Henri Lefebvre’s project, developed over decades of research produced a corpus of work that sought to reprioritise the fundamental role of space in the experience and practice of social life. His
Top-down low-cost housing supply since the mid-1990s in Maputo: bottom-up responses and spatial consequences
Top-down or state-driven low-cost housing supply in most African cities occurs in contexts of rapid urbanisation and great socio-spatial disparity, where the majority of low-income populations reside
A right to leviathan: grassroots politics in the city of palaces
ii Acknowledgements iv List of Abbreviations ix List of Figures x Introduction 1 Chapter One, A Century of Monsters, Machines, and Megaurbanization 13 Chapter Two, Dreaming Dialectically: The Death
Development? Thinking the future through a urban-natural perspective
Este artigo oferece uma discussao teorica sobre urbanizacao, natureza e desenvolvimento e algumas relacoes possiveis entre esses temas e conceitos. Discutimos algumas questoes e dinâmicas subjacentes


The Prospect of Cities
The Prospect of Cities is a set of essays written by John Friedman, many of which were originally given as lectures at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning of the Massachusetts Institute of