The Urban Dimension of European Return Migration: The Case of Bari, Southern Italy

  title={The Urban Dimension of European Return Migration: The Case of Bari, Southern Italy},
  author={Russell S. King and A. J. Strachan and Jill Mortimer},
  journal={Urban Studies},
  pages={219 - 235}
Amongst a growing literature on intra-European return migration there has been little attention paid to urban settlements. This paper, based on 211 interviews of returned migrants in the south Italian city of Bari, aims to rectify this deficiency. A number of hypotheses concerning the distinctiveness of urban return are put forward and tested using official migration statistics and the questionnaire information, including data from a control sample of 415 rural returnees. As an example of an… 

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  • R. King
  • Economics
    Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie = Journal of economic and social geography = Revue de geographie economique et humaine = Zeitschrift fur okonomische und soziale Geographie = Revista de geografia economica y social
  • 1977