The Upper Classes and Their Upper Stories: Architecture and the Aftermath of the Lima Earthquake of 1746

  title={The Upper Classes and Their Upper Stories: Architecture and the Aftermath of the Lima Earthquake of 1746},
  author={Charles F. Walker},
  journal={Hispanic American Historical Review},
  pages={53 - 82}
Adrian Pearce, José Ragas, Ricardo Ramírez, Andrés Reséndez, Stuart Schwartz, Krystyna von Henneberg, Kathryn Litherland, and the anonymous HAHR readers for their helpful suggestions. I outlined some of the arguments developed here in “Shaking the Unstable Empire: The Lima, Quito, and Arequipa Earthquakes, 1746, 1783, and 1797,” in Dreadful Visitations: Confronting Natural Catastrophe in the Age of Enlightenment, ed. Alessa Johns (New York: Routledge, 1999), 113– 44. 1. Victor Montero de Aguila… Expand
The Devil and the Dolorosa: History and Legend in Quito's Capilla de Cantuña
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The Evolution of Spanish Governance during the Early Bourbon Period in Peru: The Juan Santos Atahualpa Rebellion and the Missionaries of Ocopa
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Indios originarios y forasteros: Interacciones culturales y cambios demográficos en los altos de Arica y Tacna (siglos XVI Y XVIII)
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  • Geography
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espanolEl presente articulo analizara las interacciones socioculturales y cambios demograficos de las poblaciones indigenas de los altos de Arica y Tacna. Se busca con ello examinar la composicionExpand
La visión ilustrada de los desastres naturales en Lima durante el siglo XVIII
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Un patronazgo frustrado. El ilustrado peruano José Eusebio Llano Zapata en Lima y Cádiz a través de su correspondencia (1743–1780)*
La monarquı́a hispánica bajo el perı́odo borbónico, a pesar de la modernización y racionalización que introdujo en la administración, mantuvo un entramado de relaciones sociales formales eExpand
[The earthquake of 1746 and its impact on health in the city of Lima].
This work will analyze the case of the earth quake in Lima on October 28, 1746 and its impact on the city's health system, given the magnitude of the destruction of infrastructure and the high number of deaths it marked a milestone in Lima's society at the time. Expand
Geology, Resources and Environment of Latin America: Incorporating Earth Systems Science Education in an Undergraduate Science Service Course Intended for Hispanic Students
With NSF funding, we have developed, taught, and evaluated a new lower-division science course for non-science majors, entitled “Geology, Resources, and Environment of Latin America” (GRELA). GRELAExpand
In their own hands: domestic medicine and ‘the cure of all kinds of tertian and quartan fevers’ in late-colonial Lima
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The Enlightened View of the Natural Disasters in Lima during the 18th Century
During the 18th century, Peru was affected by a series of natural disasters and epidemics that diminished both the population and agricultural production. The article analyzes three cases: theExpand


Los Siglos de Oro en los virreinatos de América, 1550-1700
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La utilización interesada de un desastre natural. El terremoto de Lima en 1746
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LOS caballeros del punto fijo : ciencia, politica Y aventura EN la expedicion geodesica hispanofrancesa AL virreinato del Peru EN EL siglo XVIII
256 paginas.-- 1a edicion, Barcelona : Ediciones del Serbal ; Madrid : CSIC, 1987.-- Traduccion al ingles, "Gentlemen of the Fixed Point: Science, Politics and Adventure in the Geodesic Expedition toExpand
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